Fluent 6: Performance and licensing on dual core processors

(1) Can fluent run on dual core processors (e.g IBM Power 4+ or Power 5 etc)
(2) What is the performance?
(3) How many parallel licenses are needed?
(1) YES
(2) Looking at the benchmarks:

<a target=_blank href="http://www.fluent.com/software/fluent/fl5bench/problems/fl5l1.htm">http://www.fluent.com/software/fluent/fl5bench/problems/fl5l1.htm</a>http://www.fluent.com/software/fluent/fl5bench/problems/fl5l1.htm

one finds at the very bottom the statement

"IBM P570 performance data running dual Simultaneous Multiple Threads of FLUENT on each physical Power5 processor"

This means that when the parallel performance plot
<a target=_blank href="http://www.fluent.com/software/fluent/fl5bench/problems/img/plots/fl5l1max.gif">http://www.fluent.com/software/fluent/fl5bench/problems/img/plots/fl5l1max.gif</a>http://www.fluent.com/software/fluent/fl5bench/problems/img/plots/fl5l1max.gif

says number of processes 8 we are talking about 8 physical processors run as dual core, ie. -t16. In other words, since fluent is a multithreaded code we could submit twice the jobs on a dual processor machine than physical processors are available WITHOUT performance penalties (as it would be in the classic single core case.)

(3) For licensing perspective this then subsequently means that TWICE the parallel licenses are necessary to take advantage of this performance (16 parallel licenses to run on 8 dual core machines with -t16)

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