Use of tetra mesher for models involving flow around 2D planar/inclined objects

The tetra mesher in Airpak, by default, does not recognize 2D planar/inclined surfaces.
There are 2 things we can do here.

Firstly, for the case described, as is, we can use the tetra mesher in Airpak. We need to make one change and that is turn off "Add Intersection Curves" on Model/Mesh/Tetra/Edit Tetra parameters. The mesher will identify the planar obstruction to flow (partition) correctly with this change.

Secondly, with the tetra mesher in Airpak, since it is difficult to ensure adequate refinement in the vicinity of the planar obstruction, it is suggested that we use a polygonal fluid block such that one of the sides of this block represents the planar obstruction while all the other sides are porous jump boundaries allowing flow. This can be set up by using the Individual Sides option on the Fluid block Edit panel.

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