How to control the lines of numbers that appear next to the color map in contour plots

Users often want to control the lines of mumbers printed next to the color map in a contour plot. This is especially true when the level of contour is very large (say 100). Then there are too many numbers that are printed next to the scale. User want to have the flexibility to control how many should be printed, e.g., 10 or at most 20 should be a good number.
There is a text command that can control this:

(cxsetvar 'scale/skip-override n)

User can adjust number "n" to get exactly the number of lines he wants to display. For example, if you set level of contour to be 100, but you only want to display 10 numbers in the contour legend window, n should be 10. As a result, you should issue the following tui:

(cxsetvar 'scale/skip-override 10)

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