GAMBIT 2.2 reports errors while reading databases created in older versions of GAMBIT

The automatic database repair available in GAMBIT 2.2, reports numerous errors (which typically runs into pages) in the transcript while reading a database created in an older version of GAMBIT. Almost all old databases are likely to be affected. About one third of the affected databases could lose some data (geometry or mesh) as well, while being repaired.
There is new information related to the automatic database repair available with GAMBIT 2.2.30. Development has discovered additional problems with its use, and is recommending that it should never be used.

As noted before, this functionality is automatically invoked unless an environment variable GAMBIT_DISABLE_DB_REPAIR is set to 1, by the user, before starting GAMBIT. Users are strongly recommended to turn this functionality off, using the environment variable, prior to srarting GAMBIT 2.2.30.

We are also considering the option of creating a new package of GAMBIT 2.2, with this feature turned off, and offer that as a patch release.

The repair process requires saving the database multiple times. Users are advised to make a copy, and repeat the save operation several times until there are no repair messages. Once repaired, users should examine the model for any loss of data and recreate them as appropriate.

The database repair can be disabled by setting the environment variable GAMBIT_DISABLE_DB_REPAIR to 1 before starting GAMBIT. However, its use is generally not recommended. Disabling the database repair would allow corrupt data to exist, leading to lack of robustness and other problems later.Latest Update (24 Feb 2005):

A patch for GAMBIT 2.2.30 is now available to address this issue. Below is the related announcement.

Dear Fluent Customer:

The purpose of this communication is to inform you of two
important issues in the GAMBIT 2.2 software and the
availability of a patch to address them.

This software patch addresses the following issues in GAMBIT

1. GAMBIT 2.2 includes an automatic database repair tool
that is invoked when a previously corrupted database from
an earlier version is read in. It has been discovered that
this repair process can result in loss of data and further
corruption of the database leading to fatal problems. This
patch disables the database repair tool as GAMBIT 2.2.30 is

2. When GAMBIT 2.2.30 is run in batch (non-interactive) mode
on the Windows platform, this patch ensures that the
launcher window is minimized while GAMBIT is running and is
then closed automatically at the end of the GAMBIT session.

We strongly recommended that all users of GAMBIT 2.2.30
download and install this patch. The patch is available from
the Fluent User Services Center at
<a target=_blank href=""></a>

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