FLUENT 6 - Viewfac processes are not shut down by the FLUENT kill script

FLUENT (host, node, cortex) processes can be shut down using the kill script created by FLUENT at startup.

If the s2s radiation model is used, a view factor calculation is performed. If the FLUENT session is killed using the
kill script while the view factor calculation is running then the viewfac process will be left behind.

See Chapter 1 of the FLUENT User's Guide for more information about the kill script.
Log into the computer where FLUENT was running and manually kill the viewfac process.If the view factor calculation is still running when you want to kill the FLUENT run, then

* cat the kill script and make note of the machines where the fluent processes are running
* rsh into each of these machines and manually kill the viewfac processes
* run the kill script

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