Writing *.bc file through TUI

Writing a boundary condition file through TUI poses the following problem.

Say a case consists of steady/unsteady profile. The user then tries to write a *.bc file for such a case using the following command.

file write-bc entire-path/filename.bc

This works only if the entire-path specified does not contain any directory with Capital letters. This can pose a problem when the bc file is to be written
through a template. The template will not function in a directory structure that contains directories with Capital letters.

The solution to this problem is the following:

1) Write the bc file using the following command (i.e. without specifying the path)
file write-bc filename.bc
The *.bc file will be written in the cortex directory. (Even if the path of cortex directory contains capital letter directories)

2) The path of the directory can be obtained using the command (cortex-pwd).

3) Now using the system command move the file from the cortex directory to the location desired.

Note that while reading such a *.bc file, one does not have to worry about the Case-type of the directories in the path.

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