Setting Surface Monitors for Transient Case through TUI

While setting the surface monitors through TUI for a Transient case following problem is observed.
In the GUI for surface monitors, there is an option for plotting. One can select under the "x-axix"
either "Iteration" , "Time Step" or "Flow Time".
But the drop-down-list for x-axis shows a blank if the monitor is set through TUI. The problem does not exist for a staedy case. By default "Iteration" is chosen under the drop-down-list.
The solution for this problem is as follows.

1) Set the monitor through TUI.

2) Use following scheme command to define a variable a-mon.

(define a-mon (rpgetvar 'monitor/surfaces))
(define b-mon '())

3) The length of the list for the particular monitor if set fully through GUI is 14.
Hence check if its length is 14.

((i 0 (+ i 1)))
((= i (length (rpgetvar 'monitor/surfaces))))

(set! b-mon (assoc (list-ref (list-ref (rpgetvar 'monitor/surfaces) i) 0) a-mon))

(if (not (= (length b-mon) 14))
(define b-mon-1 (car b-mon))
(define b-mon-2 (cdr b-mon))
(set! b-mon (append (list b-mon-1) (list '(plot-attributes)) (list '(x-axis . "Flow Time")) b-mon-2))
(set-cdr! (assoc (list-ref (list-ref (rpgetvar 'monitor/surfaces) i) 0) (rpgetvar 'monitor/surfaces)) (cdr b-mon))

4) In the above do loop one can replace "Flow Time" by "Time Step" or "Iteration"

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