Boolean operations with Adaption Registers

User's Guide contains the description of the operations which can be used through Adapt>Manage panel.
However, the names of these operations ("Mask" "Combine" "Invert" "Exchange") are not self-explanatory and
sometimes confusing for math-oriented users; very often, users ask what is the combination of operations
which have to be done to achieve a certain boolean operation like "Intersection", "Union", "Subtraction",
"Complementary" of sets.
The following table shows which operations from Adapt>Manage are to be used
in order to perform a certain boolean operation with adaption registers A and B.

Boolean Operation >>>>>>>>>>> Equivalent Actions in Adapt>Manage


CEA = E - A (complement of A wrt E) >>>>>>> Change Type on A (to mask), then Invert A

A È B (A unite with B) >>>>>>>>>>> Combine A and B

A Ç B (A intersect with B) >>>>>>>>> Change Type on B (to mask), then Combine A and B

A - B (A minus B) >>>>>>>> Change Type on B (to mask), then Invert B, then Combine A and B

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