MixSim 2.0: cannot create or load model after installation of FLUENT 6.2.16 -- crash in fluent.exe

On a Windows system, FLUENT 6.2.16 was installed in the same ...Fluent.Inc area as MixSim 2.0.
MixSim can still be launched.
The user selects "File --- New Model" or "File --- Read --- Model".
After the preview graphics window and the Model Management panel have been opened, an alert message window from the Operating System pops up telling that "fluent.exe" has caused problems (access violation) and must be closed.
After that, the MixSim session is virtually dead.
(It is not really dead: Click in the MixSim text console window and press <Ctrl-C>. After that, you should be able to close the session by typing "exit" or selecting "File --- Exit" from the menu.)
MixSim 2.0 uses a file "fluent.exe" that has been updated with the installation of FLUENT 6.2.16. The new version of this file is not fully compatible with MixSim's usage of it.
--- Only Windows is affected! ---

The resolution to this is as follows:

In a certain way, it is still possible to run MixSim 2.0 after FLUENT 6.2.16 has been installed in the same ...Fluent.Inc area:
Every user (!) must follow the following instructions:

- Download the file file fixmix20wflu62_scm.zip from the Fluent User Services Center (http://www.fluentusers.com/ -- follow the links through "MIXSIM 2.0" and "Critical Patches")

- Unpack the file using e.g. WinZip or 7-zip. (The file is provided in compressed form in order to prevent fatal modifications applied by Web Browsers or E-mail programs.)

Alternatively, Find the contents of the aforementioned file in the second "Resolution" item of this Solution, and save them to a file "fixmix20wflu62.scm". You are doing this at your own risk in the sense that errors that modify the text during this transaction can have unpredictable consequences.

- Launch a new MixSim session.

- In the menu, go to "File --- Read --- Scheme". Find and select the file "fixmix20wflu62.scm".

- You are done with applying the bug fix for your user account: The current MixSim session as well as all future sessions will work as prior to the installation of FLUENT 6.2.16.

Background information:

When you load the file "fixmix20wflu62.scm", a few lines of code will be added to the file ".mixsim" in your HOME directory. The location of that file is determined by the environment variables "HOMEDRIVE" and "HOMEPATH". The values of these environment variables can change, e.g. when you disconnect your computer from the network. It is therefore strongly recommended that you retain the file "fixmix20wflu62.scm" in a safe place on your computer so that you can apply the bug-fix once more when the problem appears again. (To check the current HOME location, you can either type "set HOME" in a Windows command prompt window, or type `(getenv "HOME")' inside the MixSim text console window.);;; This is a little scheme script, to be
;;; executed by MixSim (or FLUENT) using
;;; File ---> Read ---> Scheme
;;; It will append some code to your .mixsim
;;; file in your $HOME directory, so that
;;; MixSim 2.0 can be run even after
;;; FLUENT 6.2 has been installed
;;; in the same Fluent.Inc area.
;;; NOTE: The fix will only be active as
;;; long as...
;;; - the .mixsim file is there, is
;;; readable for you, and contains
;;; the code that this scheme script
;;; is supposed to (have) append(ed)
;;; to it, AND
;;; - the "HOME" environment variable
;;; points to the directory where
;;; that .mixsim file resides.
;;; To check the "HOME" variable, type
;;; into MixSim...
;;; (getenv "HOME")
;;; NOTE: The value of this variable
;;; can be different depending on
;;; whether your computer is connected
;;; to you company network or not..!
(display "nHello -- this is the bug fix program for MixSim 2.0.2 thatn")
(display "repairs MixSim 2.0 after FLUENT 6.2.16 has been installed.nn")
(if (not (and (string=? ms-version "2.0.2")
"nYou are not running MixSim 2.0.2 on Windows -- this doesn't help you.n")
(if (and (strstr? *ms-fluent-client-options* "-r6.0")
(symbol-bound? 'ms202wflu62fix (the-environment)))
"nYou have applied these bug fixes already -- they're active!.n")
;;; Bad indentation here -- all the following should be indented.
(if (not (string? (getenv "HOME")))
"nCannot append fix to correlations bugs to .mixsim file:n")
"Could not figure out HOME directory to locate that file in.n"))
(getenv "HOME")
(if (nt?)
(if (not (output-port? dotmixsim))
"nCannot append fix to correlations bugs to .mixsim file:n")
"Could not open the file for writing/appending text to it.n"))
(display (format #f
"n.mixsim file opened as ~s, going to append code to it...n"

(if (not (and (strstr? *ms-fluent-client-options* "-r6.0")
(symbol-bound? 'ms202wflu62fix (the-environment))))
(format dotmixsim "

;;; Following appended to this file ($HOME/.mixsim)
;;; by a little scheme program to fix MixSim 2.0.2
;;; after the installation of FLUENT 6.2.16:
(if (and (string=? ms-version "2.0.2") (nt?)
(not (strstr? *ms-fluent-client-options* "-r6.0")))
(display "MixSim version 2.0.2 on Windows found. ")
(display "Applying some bug fixes from .mixsim... ")
(set! *ms-fluent-client-options*
(string-append *ms-fluent-client-options* " -r6.0 "))
(define ms202wflu62fix "applied")
(display "Done applying some bug fixes from .mixsim. ")
;;; END of the code that was appended to this file
;;; ($HOME/.mixsim) by a little scheme program to fix
;;; MixSim 2.0.2 after the installation of FLUENT 6.2.16.

(display (format #f
"Done appending code to .mixsim file, going to close it...n"))
(close-output-port dotmixsim)
(display (format #f
"Closed .mixsim file -- done implementing the bug fix!n"))))))))
;;; Finally, make the fix effective immediately:
(load dotmixpath)
;;; <EOF>

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