After Writing a Particle Tracking File it has zero bytes

When running Fluent in Network Parallel and writing a particle tracking file you find that is has zero bytes when completed.

These are the steps necessary to take when writing out a particle file when running Fluent in Network Parallel.

1. Share and set the appropriate permissions for the directory where the particle track file will be saved.
a. Right-click on the directory name and choose "Sharing" or "Sharing and Security"
b. Choose "Share this Folder". (The default share name is the name of the folder)
c. Choose "Permissions" and set the permissions to "Full Control". (The default permissions are Read).

2. In the Particle Tracks window choose "Write" and then browse to the shared directory by browsing through the network.
a. In the Select File window under "Look In" choose "My Network Places", "Entire Network",
"Microsoft Windows Network".
b. Choose the Domain Name and then the Computer Name where the shared directory is and then
choose the Shared directory.

Additional FAQ's can be found at the link below:

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