Problem in Function Hooks panel, to hook cavitation udf, for a new case set up in Fluent 6.2

When a new case is set up in Fluent 6.2 for a cavitation problem with a udf, by default "Cavitation Mass Rate" option is not avialable, in Define-->User Defined-->Function Hooks panel, to hook the udf.

This problem doesn't arise, for an older case set up from Fluent 6.1 or early versions. The reason is that in Fluent6.2, the cavitation panel has been changed, and under Fluent6.2, the default GUI version does not show the Udf source hook up panel.

This problem will be fixed in Fluent6.3, but in Fluent6.2, there is a work around. After reading in a cavitation case file, or to set up a cavitation case from scratch, following text command can be used to turn on the hook up panel, if needed:

(rpsetvar 'mp/mass-trans-type 1)

By default, in Fluent6.2 it is ZERO.

To check its value, type

(rpgetvar 'mp/mass-trans-type)

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