FLUENT 6.2 - Workaround for a GUI issue when using Scheme commands to save output files on the Windows platform

On the Windows platform, if you use a Scheme command to save hardcopy files, particle files or other types of files, you may notice that the Select File dialog box is not closed automatically and the file name is also not updated. This Scheme command may be part of a Scheme file that you may be using to perform other functions. This solution provides a workaround to this issue.

The workaround is to enter the scheme command in a macro, and execute the macro when ever the output files need to be written.

A macro can be created using the Solve-->Execute Commands.. utility.
This will open the Execute Commands panel.
click on Define Macro, this will open Define Macro panel, click OK in this panel.
Perform all the GUI commands as you normally would to save a hard copy file. These commands are being recorded in the macro.
Then click on End Macro, in Execute Commands panel.

The macro can be saved to a file using the text interface (TUI) command:

The command lines needed to execute the previously recorded macro need to be added into your main Scheme file.
Within a Scheme file, you can execute your macro as:
(cx-execute-macro 'macro-1)
where macro-1 is the defined macro, which contains all the cx-gui commands.

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