ICEPAK_FAQ: Remote Icepak solution from command line.

I am going oversees next week and was wondering if there is a way to run Icepak jobs remotely. I can create the model and mesh it and make sure that everything is OK on my laptop. But I like to run it in my workstation if possible.

This can be done but there are a few "nuances". Please try this out before you embark on your trip.

Following is the procedure:

1. build the model, and generate mesh to make sure everything is OK.
2. move the model folder to the remote computer.
3. Open a command prompt on the remote computer and CD to the folder containing job directory.
4. Execute the following lines at command prompt (alternatively you can create a batch file.)

set ICEPAK_ROOT=D:Fluent.Incicepak4.1 (this may be different for you depending on the location of Icepak
installation on the remote machine)
set FLUENT_ARCH=ntx86
set PATH=%ICEPAK_ROOT%bin.ntx86;%PATH%
icepak_batch.exe "project name"

* Please note that any situation that would cause Icepak to prompt for user input will scuttle the remote execution (example, object seperation prompts, overwrite data? etc.,). Make sure that you present the model in such a way that the solution will run without prompts for user input.

o If you run the solution once and would like to run the same again, icepak will try to use the same solution ID and will prompt an overwrite question. In this case you will have to create a new project with a different name and go back to step 1.

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