FLUENT 6 - how to convert the inertia tensor from principal axis to global axis

The inertia tensor in FLUENT for the 6 Degree of Freedom (6DOF) model must be specified in the global coordinate system. This is not always convenient. Such quantities are sometimes calculated in a local coordinate system that is based on principle axes. One obvious advantage is to have only three values instead of six. Currently, the user needs to convert the inertial tensor by themselves.
A udf is written and an example is provided on how to use it.

<a target=_blank href="http://www.fluentusers.com/support/solutions/1234/6dof_principle.zip">http://www.fluentusers.com/support/solutions/1234/6dof_principle.zip</a>http://www.fluentusers.com/support/solutions/1234/6dof_principle.zip

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