POLYFLOW - measurement of elongational viscosity

In year 2004, the company TA instruments has acquired Rheometrics. This has affected the availability of some measurement devices. In particular, the RME has disappeared from the list. Hence, a question is raised about the measurement of elongational viscosity, useful e.g. in fibre spinning, film casting, etc.
The ARES-EVF is a new device suggested, and which is based on the rotating technology available at TA Instruments. A document has been provided and is attached to the present solution; see below.
The "SER universal testing platform", developed by Senkhar Technologies LLC, is based on a similar technology. It is described in: M. Sentmanat, B.N. Wang and G.H. McKinley, "Measuring the transient extensional rheology of polyethylene melts using the SER universal testing platform", J. Rheol. 49/3 (2005) 585-606.
Interestingly, an information has been communicated by G.H. McKinley: "Yes - it is indeed very similar and this is a complicated story about patents and Intellectual Property. They have a slight difference in the TA Inst. version in that it rotates due to an unbalanced torque on the fixture...."

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