GAMBIT - Utility to calculate the shape parameter required to create conic sections

In order to create a conic section geometry in GAMBIT, a "shape parameter" has to be specified by the user. the equation of the conic section.The user may only know the equation of the conic section. This solution provides a utility (C program) to compute the shape parameter given
The utility requires inputs of the coefficients of the conic section c1 to c6 where
(c1)x2 + (c2)xy + (c3)y2 + (c4)x + (c5)y + c6 = 0 is the equation of the conic.

It will then compute the shoulder vertex and the shape parameter which you can then enter in GAMBIT. Note that the code assumes that the conic is in the xy plane. If it is not, you can construct the conic in xy-plane and then translate/rotate/align it to the desired position in 3D in Gambit.

A sample input is as follows
9 0 4 0 0 -36
2 0
-2 0
where the
first line represents coordinates of the conic section
second line represents the start point
third line represents the end vertex

The utility can be obtained from the following URL:

<a target=_blank href=""></a>

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