FLUENT 6.2 - Using different versions of a UDF library

You may have a CFD model with many user-defined scalars that you would like to calculate with varying source terms (DEFINE_SOURCE). Instead of changing the values of the source terms through the GUI/TUI or recompilation, you can choose to compile different copies of the UDFs with differing names or in different directories. In FLUENT 6.1, you could load a different library by renaming the path in the Define->User-Defined->Functions->Compiled panel.

This is no longer possible in FLUENT 6.2 as the path is included in the name of the function. You would need to change all the UDF hooks if you change the name of the library path. But there is a simple workaround for Unix/Linux systems.

First, compile the different versions of your UDF. Then, create a symbolic link to the UDF library you want to use first and use this link name when loading the UDF. To switch to a different UDF library, first change the link at the operating system level and then reload the UDF in FLUENT.

For example:

libudf -> libudf1

Loading 'libudf' stores 'libudf' as the name in FLUENT 6.2 and uses libudf1.

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