FLUENT 6.2 - Coupling with GT Power v6.1 on the RedHat v9 Linux hardware platform

The GT Power coupling feature in FLUENT 6.2.16 officially supports coupling with GT Power v6.0 but not GT Power 6.1. This solution provides a method to enable coupling between FLUENT 6.2 and GT Power v6.1.
To couple GT Power v6.1 with FLUENT 6.2.16 using the 4cyl-1d model (i.e. tutorial example) on a RedHat 9 Linux machine:

1) A full installation of GTsuite v6.1, and set the variables GTIHOME and GTISOFT_LICENSE_FILE accordingly.
2) Evolve 4cyl-1d model from v6.0 to v6.1 using GTise (presumably, still save the file as 4cyl-1d.dat)
3) In $(FLUENT.INC)/coupling/GTpower/GTI/lib/v6.0.6/lnx, remove the libgtcfd.so library, and soft link $GTIHOME/v6.1.0/GTsuite/bin/linuxrh72/gtlink.so to libgtcfd.so as replacement.
4) Optionally create a gtlink.prm in $(FLUENT.INC)/coupling/bin, to assign a TCP port for use with gtlink. If gtlink.prm is absent, a TCP port is randomly selected for data communication.
The format of gtlink.prm is:

The gtlink library will create a separate process (GTsuite.linuxrh72) which passes data back and forth with fluent via libgtlink. Of course, GTsuite.linuxrh72 will launch other processes as needed, such as java, mysqld. For FLUENT, the libgtlink is the only library needed to be linked.

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