How to do cross-platform coupling with GT-Power and Fluent

This solution contains instructions for running the FLUENT / GT-Power coupling feature on two different platforms, i.e. Fluent running on UNIX/Linux and GT-Power running on Windows.
This is what we have would have to do to couple Fluent 6.2 (Linux) with GT-Power (Windows).

1) Ensure that both machines are connected through a network.
2) Create a mapped drive of your UNIX/Linux files on your Windows machine. The GT-Power .DAT file and any other input files will now be accessible to the Windows machine that will be running GT-Power.
3) In the Fluent working directory (i.e. where your Fluent case file and GT-Power files are located), create a text file called gtlink.prm. This file will have the following two lines;

HOST=IP address/name of machine running GT-Power

A sample file would look as follows;

4) Ensure that GTIHOME environment variable is set on your Windows machine to the home directory of your GTI install. Then open a command prompt window and type the following;

gtlink -s:5556

Please leave this command window open while the coupled solution is running.

5) Now start Fluent on the Linux/UNIX platform and read in/setup a coupled case file. Then run the coupled case as usual. The GT-Power solver will run on Windows through port 5556.

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