FLUENT - Writing hardcopy files (tif,mpeg) from a previously saved animation sequence

If you successfully create animations from a FLUENT case, exit FLUENTand then restart a new session to create hardcopy files, FLUENT will show the animation correctly, but
will report errors when you try to dump graphic files or create mpeg.

The problem is due to the path of the sequence name inside .cxa file which is as follows

NAME: ./sequence-1 /* for linux*/
NAME .//sequence-1 /*for windows machine */

The fix is to edit the path name in .cxa file on the secondline and just keep the animation name there.
For example,

replace "NAME: ./sequence-1" by "NAME: sequence-1"

More documentation on using animations can be found in the User's Guide:

<a target=_blank href="http://www.fluentusers.com/fluent61/doc/ori/html/ug/node872.htm">http://www.fluentusers.com/fluent61/doc/ori/html/ug/node872.htm</a>http://www.fluentusers.com/fluent61/doc/ori/html/ug/node872.htm

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