Exceed.exe has generated errors and will write a log file (Windows 2000 Error)

When trying to open up GAMBIT or FIDAP, the above error message appears and GAMBIT or FIDAP will not start up. This problem can occur if you are using a Spaceball mouse or another input device not supported by Hummingbird.

*Resolution 1*
1.If you are using Hummingbird Exceed version 11 you will need to download and install the latest Hummingbird Exceed patches.

2.If you are not using Hummingbird Exceed version 11 uninstall your existing version and download version 11 with the patches.

*Resolution 2*
Disable XInputExtension:
1.Start, Programs, Hummingbird Connectivity 2006, Exceed Tools, XConfig.
2.Choose the X Server Protocol
3.Choose the Extensions tab
4.In the "Enable Extensions" column, deselect the XInputExtension option.

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