FLUENT 6 - How to read multiple mesh files that each contain a part of the calculation domain and fuse them within FLUENT

The desired calculation domain may sometimes be created and meshed in several parts resulting in more than one mesh file. These separate mesh files (parts) need to be put together for the flow simulation. Can this be done within FLUENT?
Yes, this is possible in FLUENT.

1. Read the first mesh file using the usual method, File --> Read --> Case...
2. Read the second mesh file using Grid --> Zone --> Append Case File....
3. If the mesh at the boundary between the two parts is conformal and you don't need a boundary there, fuse the boundary faces at the intersection of two meshes together using Grid --> Fuse (Fuse Face Zones). This will create a single INTERIOR zone at the interface. On the other hand, if the mesh at the intersection surface is non-conformal, use the non-conformal mesh capability of FLUENT by changing the boundary type of the intersecting surfaces to "Interface".

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