FLUENT 6.2 - SST k-omega model gives slightly different results than FLUENT 6.1

If you are running the SST k-omega turbulence model in FLUENT 6.2 and are not sure why the results are slightly different than what the k-omega SST model yielded in FLUENT 6.1, the following four settings will likely help recover your V6.1 SST results under V6.2.
1) A known defect in 6.1 was that the omega equation used the discretization scheme assigned to the epsilon equation. Check the epsilon discretization scheme to know what the actual scheme used for the omega equation was. This defect is fixed in 6.2.

2) The BC inflow turbulence specification (for omega) has been slightly changed in Fluent 6.2. In order to enforce the same inflow boundary conditions, specify k and omega directly.

3) Use the TUI command
in Fluent 6.2 to restore the 6.1 SST model.

4) Use the TUI command
disable high order Rhie-Chow flux? [yes]
to restore the older 6.1 flux calculation.

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