FLUENT V6 - Automating the set up of certain custom settings within FLUENT

There are times when you would like to customize some settings each time a case file is read. For example there can be some custom-field functions which are used very frequently and should be automatically defined after a case file is read. The .fluent file in your home directory cannot be used directly as custom-field functions can only be defined once a case file has been read. This solution employs a .fluent file to define a function which will then be called whenever a case file is read.

First, create a .fluent file in your home directory. If one already exists, use it. Create a cff.scm file which defines your custom-field functions and place it in our home directory.

(define (customize)
(load "~/cff.scm"))

(cx-add-dependent 'read-case #f customize)

With this, as soon as a case file is read into FLUENT, the cff.scm file will be loaded and your custom field functions will be defined.

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