POLYFLOW - How to combine Lagrangian remeshing with fixed inflow ?

A flow case involves a free surface, possibly entering into contact with a solid wall, and involves a fixed inflow (non-deforming inflow). The appropriate remeshing technique here would be the "Lagrangian on the borders only", i.e. involving an optimesh technique for the domain interior. However, a side effect here is that the inflow border is also treated as a moving border, and will thus deform. How can this be handled?
The user should split the calculation domain into two subdomains, one of which could be a narrow stripe connected to the inlet. The free surface should of course not be connected to that stripe. The remeshing domain would be defined on the other subdomain. The user should select the remeshing "Lagrangian on the borders only". Infernally, this will invoke constraints on the coordinates for the stripe, to remain unchanged throughout the calculation. The intersection between both subdomains will remain fixed, while the free surface will of course deform according to the flow. The internal mesh nodes will be properly relocated in the remeshing domain only.

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