MixSim 2.0 - workaround for problem with generating hardcopy in postscript / eps format: file postscri620.hdi missing

MixSim 2.0 on Windows (only):
Cannot generate hardcopy in postscript / eps format.
Error message tells that the file postscri620.hdi could not be found.

Download the following file:
<a target=_blank href="ftp://ftp.fluent.com/depts/support/MixSim20/postscri620_hdi.zip">ftp://ftp.fluent.com/depts/support/MixSim20/postscri620_hdi.zip</a>ftp://ftp.fluent.com/depts/support/MixSim20/postscri620_hdi.zip

Unzip it -- a file postscri620.hdi will be unpacked from it.
Place that file in the directory: ...Fluent.Incntbinntx86
(This is the directory where the foöe "mixsim.exe" resides that gets executed when you launch MixSim.)

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