POLYDATA - How can one easily run a blow moulding/thermoforming case with KBKZ model at another temperature without re-entering all material data?

The user wishes to run many isothermal thermoforming simulations with the KBKZ model, each at a different sheet temperature. A fact is that all parameters are affected by the shift factor. How can this be easily done in POLYDATA, without re-entering all material data?

A reasonnable approach consists of defining a non-isothermal simulation, with all required data. In particular, the temperature dependence of the properties has to be specified. Under those circumstances, for running the application at a given (constant) temperature, the user may specify this temperature as initial data, and ask a decoupled velocity/temperature calculation. By doing so, the material parameters will be properly adjusted.
It is important to note that temperature boundary conditions should be of the type "insulated" only; that the mould must be adiabatic, and that relevant material parameters have to be defined for the energy equation (thermal conductivity and heat capacity). Failing to do so may affect the results.

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