FLUENT V6 - Procedure for setting up a non-premixed combustion simulation using materials from CHEMKIN database

Procedure to create a non-premixed combustion case using materials from CHEMKIN database in FLUENT 6.3.17
1. Copy the thermo.db file located in localFluent.Increleasefluent6.2.16cpropepdatathermo.db to your local working directory.
2. Edit this by appending new species using the NASA 14-coefficient format and save.
3. Setup your solver, energy and turbulence models and visit Define>Models>Species>Transport&Reaction and select Non-premixed combustion.
4. Click Create Table under the PDF options. This would open a tabbed window
5. Visit the Chemistry tab and enter your thermo.db file as your Thermodynamic Database File Name and click Apply to import all new species additions to the Fluent Database.
6. Define the boundary values of fuel components by clicking on the boundary tab of Species model. You may now add your custom species by entering the formula in the Boundary species and clicking add. You will find the species added to the scroll-down list, please specify the mass-fraction.
7. Visit the Table tab and specify the table metrics and click Create PDF Table.
8. Define the material mixture: Define>material and choose pdf-mixture. You may modify the material properties if required.
9. Define the operating conditions and the specify the boundary conditions. At each of the BCs, you will have to specify the mean and variance of the mixture fraction.
10. Set the controls, monitors and save the case.
11. You may start the solution at this point.

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