FLUENT V6.2 - Inconsistent mass flow rate report via surface integral in areas of reverse flow and possible solutions

With FLUENT 6.2.16, you may see inconsistent mass flow rate reports via surface integrals in the region where the flow has reverse flow or in any case where velocity vectors are not consistently in one direction on the surface of interest.

In V6.2, the method used to calculate the flux via surface integral reports was improved to increase accuracy. However, there was a defect introduced which specifically impacts the situations mentioned above. This defect also impacts the flow rate of any variable across any post processing surface.

This defect has been fixed in FLUENT 6.2.19 as well as in FLUENT 6.3. Please request a prototype release of FLUENT 6.2.19 or a beta release of FLUENT 6.3 if you don't have them already installed.

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