FLUENT V6 - Compiler directive "#if RP_AXI" in User-Defined Functions (UDF) not behaving as expected

The compiler directive

#if RP_AXI

is sometimes used to identify parts of a UDF that are only applicable to axisymmetric models. However, this is actually defined as

#define RP_AXI RP_2D

and therefore is "TRUE" for all 2D models.
The lower case parameter "rp_axi" can be used to distringuish axisymmetric models from 2D models. For example,

#if RP_2D
if (rp_axi)

... place code for axisymmetric models here ...


... place code for 2D models here (not axisymmetric) ...


... place code for 3D models here ...


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