FLUENT V6 - How to change the model constants in the Taylor Analogy Breakup (TAB) spray model

The model constants in the Taylor Analogy Breakup (TAB) spray model are not available in the GUI or TUI. Is there some way I can modify them?
These constants can be accessed through a UDF. For example, the following DEFINE_ON_DEMAND UDF can be used to modify any of the constants.

/* change_TAB_contstants.c */

#include "udf.h"
#include "dpm.h"

/* enter new values for model constants here */
#define new_ck 8.0
#define new_cd 5.0
#define new_cb 0.5
#define new_cf 1.0/3.0
#define new_kenrg 10.0/3.0
#define new_cv 1.0

/* execute this UDF to change constants */
real ck = dpm_par.spray_suite.constant[0];
real cd = dpm_par.spray_suite.constant[1];
real cb = dpm_par.spray_suite.constant[2];
real cf = dpm_par.spray_suite.constant[3];
real kenrg = dpm_par.spray_suite.constant[4];
real cv = dpm_par.spray_suite.constant[5];

Message0("n ck did equal %.3f n", ck);
dpm_par.spray_suite.constant[0] = new_ck;
ck = dpm_par.spray_suite.constant[0];
Message0(" ck now equals %.3f n", ck);

Message0("n cd did equal %.3f n", cd);
dpm_par.spray_suite.constant[1] = new_cd;
cd = dpm_par.spray_suite.constant[1];
Message0(" cd now equals %.3f n", cd);

Message0("n cb did equal %.3f n", cb);
dpm_par.spray_suite.constant[2] = new_cb;
cb = dpm_par.spray_suite.constant[2];
Message0(" cb now equals %.3f n", cb);

Message0("n cf did equal %.3f n", cf);
dpm_par.spray_suite.constant[3] = new_cf;
cf = dpm_par.spray_suite.constant[3];
Message0(" cf now equals %.3f n", cf);

Message0("n kenrg did equal %.3f n", kenrg);
dpm_par.spray_suite.constant[4] = new_kenrg;
kenrg = dpm_par.spray_suite.constant[4];
Message0(" kenrg now equals %.3f n", kenrg);

Message0("n cv did equal %.3f n", cv);
dpm_par.spray_suite.constant[5] = new_cv;
cv = dpm_par.spray_suite.constant[5];
Message0(" cv now equals %.3f n", cv);

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