POLYMAN - how to import a GAMBIT neutral file into POLYMAN, and how to convert it?

A GAMBIT neutral file has been created with GAMBIT, but outside the POLYMAN environment. Is it possible to import this file into a POLYMAN project, and how to proceed? In particular, how can one convert the neutral file into a POLYFLOW file?
A GAMBIT neutral file cannot be imported as such in a POLYMAN environment. However, it can be done with a few mouse clicks as follows. In a POLYMAN session, open an existing project or create a new one, then:
- import GAMBIT file, and select the .dbs file to import; this will create a subdirectory under "Gambit", whose name is the prefix of the imported .dbs file
- double-click on this newly created directory, a GAMBIT session will start
- select File, Open, and open the .dbs file
- select File, Export, and create a .neu file (GAMBIT neutral file) without changing the options); this will create a .neu file into the directory created above
- double-click on this neutral file for converting it, or select this neutral file, and select Tool, Convert a gambit neutral file.

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