POLYMAN - Path for reading .mat file located in Material data file directory does not seem appropriate

A simulation is created in POLYMAN environment, and a material data file previously saved from POLYMAT is copied into the "Material data file" directory of the current simulation. In the POLYDATA session, upon reading an existing material data file ("read an old material data file" option), the default path directs to something like <installation_directory>/polyflow3.11.0/Material_Data instead of the current material data file. This can sometimes be annoying. What can be done?

An easy trick consists of deleting the suggested path and to enter <CR>; the path will then be properly set. This should simultaneously facilitate access to the provided base of material data files as well as to that of the user.

The automatic access to Material Library can be controlled as follows:

1) for a POLYDATA session invoked from the shell window, when reading or writing a 'Material Data File':
- if MAT_LIB_PATH keyword exists in the .p3rc file, and if the path stored in .p3rc file is valid, file browser opens directory whose path is stored in .p3rc file
- if the path stored is not valid, file browser opens working directory
- if there is no MAT_LIB_PATH keyword in the .p3rc file, file browser opens $POLYFLOW/../Material_data

2) when using POLYMAN, when importing a .mat file:
- if Material_Library keyword exists in polyman.ini and if path stored in polyman.ini file is valid, file browser opens directory whose path is stored in polyman.ini file
- otherwise, file browser opens $POLYFLOW/../Material_data

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