POLYDATA - What are those fields with strange names, such as YOU0000000002__1, or LAM0000000003__1?

At the end of a POLYDATA session, the program lists the fields for possible output. Some fields have a strange name, such as YOU0000000002__1, or LAM0000000003__1. What are they?
These fields are actually internal fields often associated to material data. Some of these fields are expected to be defined anywhere (i.e. on domain, subdomain, boundaries, etc.), so that all combinations of subdomain and boundary have to be considered. In addition, there is a need for POLYFLOW to read such fields in a former result file. Therefore, those fields receive a long name whose numeral part should allow the identification of the domain of definition, while only three letters allow to identify the contents of such a field.
Presently, the following conversion table for the litteral part of the name applies:
- YOU - Young modulus (elasticity)
- POI - Poisson coefficient (elasticity)
- DIL - thermal dilatation coefficient (elasticity)
- LAM - relaxation time (viscoelastic model)
- NWM : Viscosity of the Newtonian component (DCPP model)
- VEM - viscosity factor for a differential viscoelastic mode
- H[T - field for temperature dependence

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