POLYFLOW - Error message 'Blocs exhausted. NBLOCS > 20000 in the .p3rc file'. What is happening?

A POLYFLOW simulation crashes and an error message is generated from the Expert System, as indicated below. What can be done?

* Expert tool diagnostics *
Blocs exhausted. NBLOCS > 20000 in the .p3rc file.
* Expert tool Suggestions *
A serious internal error has occured (in GETB_) Please, contact Polyflow s.a. and send us, if possible, the mesh and data files. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Before starting a calculation, POLYFLOW stores topological information in a part of the memory, which is segmented into blocs. Currently, the size of such blocs is 2000 integers, or 8000 bytes. The number of such blocs depends on the mesh size. There is however an upper limit on the number of such blocs. When that limit is passed, the above error message is generated.
As a solutoin, an information has to be added or changed in the .p3rc file. If the keyword NBLOCS already exists, its argument (an integer number) should be increased. Typically, one can multiply the current value by 2. If the keyword NBLOCS does not yet exist in the .p3rc file, it can be added at the end of the file, together with its argument, as suggested here above.
Important notes:
- When this message is generated, this may indicate that storing topological information requires an unusually large memory. The finite element mesh itself can be quite large, as well as the flow case to be solved. It is therefore not guaranteed that increasing the parameter NBLOCS will indeed allow a successful calculation.
- If the trouble persists, run the calculation with an extended listing (select the option "listing : max" from the ouput menu in the POLYDATA session), and send the whole listing to your local support engineer.
- That parameter will not increase the available swap !

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