MixSim 2 - Mesh generation fails for impellers close to each other or to other tank internals

When the gap between bade and baffle tip, or between impellers is small, MixSim sometimes seems to be confused on where to put the MRF zone and, subsequently, the mesh can not been successfully generated.
- Every impeller is given its own MRF zone. Where impellers are very close to each other, the combination of the two impellers must be defined as a single impeller of a novel type.
- Every impeller has a default (minimum) MRF zone size, this should tightly enclose the impeller, leaving just enough distance for the mesher to succeed in creating a volume mesh.
- If possible, MixSim attempts to enlarge the zone so that it is placed mid-way between the (minimum) default MRF zone and the largest possible size that would already touch the nearest baffle.
- The default zone size can be visualized through a GUI item, in which case the automatic enlarging will be suppresse.
- The default (minimum) zone size can be modified through object parameters in the GUI.
Planned for MixSim_2.1.
- The zone axial displacement can be modified through a GUI item (object parameter).

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