MixSim 2.1.10: Preparation of preview graphics for custom impeller / baffle fails -- meshing fails, too.

Before the preparation of the preview graphics, the model file was saved to a directory in UNC notation, i.e. beginning with "serversharepath... " rather than "Y:path...".
At the time when MixSim launches Gambit in order to create the preview graphics of a custom object (impeller or baffle), the following message appears in the MixSim text console window:
"CMD.EXE was started with the above path as the current directory.
UNC paths are not supported. Defaulting to Windows directory."
--- The same problem affects meshing in a very similar way.
Workaround: Always save your files to a directory whose path is specified using a drive letter ("Y:path..."), not a UNC path ("serversharepath... ")!

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