MixSim V2 - Cannot mesh in MixSim 2.0 after installing MixSim 2.1 -- MixSim fails with "undefined read macro" error on lnx86

MixSim_2.0 produces an "undefined read macro" error at some point during meshing (may occur in other situations as well) after MixSim_2.1 was installed in the same "Fluent.Inc" installation directory.

Should you encounter problems in running MixSim 2.0 that you haven't experienced prior to installing MixSim 2.1, you may need to append the command line flags
" -cl -h3000000" to the command that you use to launch MixSim 2.0.
(On Windows, if you use a shortcut icon to launch MixSim, proceed as follows: click on that icon with the right mouse button, and choose the bottom-most item ["Properties"] in the context menu that opens. In the properties page for the shortcut icon, locate the command line entry [should contain
"-r2.0"], and append
" -cl -h3000000" to it.)

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