POLYFLOW - adaptive meshing is activated although element quality is very good

A mesh contains triangles which are nearly equilateral. The simulation involves adaptive meshing, with Tquality = 0.25 and the element size = 0.05 or 0.02, e.g. A simulation is defined such that the mesh does nearly not deform. If the value 0.05 is selected for the element size, the domain is not remeshed. If the value 0.02 is selected for the element size, the domain is remeshed at the fourth step, although the element quality is fine (nearly equilateral triangles).
This is somewhat unexpected. Why so?
Actually, elements are picked for remeshing if at least one of both following conditions is verified:
- the quality is below the assigned value,
- the size is not within the interval [S/2,S*2].
This last point is probably not so well documented. However, it is probably reasonable that the user select a size S, which is compatible with the mesh as initially provided. If the user specifies a smaller size S, it is then understood that the user indeed wants this size. Currently, the value 0.02 is significantly smaller that the initial element size.
A hint: it should be possible to define a time function on the element size S.

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