POLYFLOW - Divergence of the solver when using the MST technique on a closed domain

A mixing flow is considered in a closed domain (no entry or exit of material, and normal velocity imposed on all boundaries). A simulation is defined using the MST technique. The solver diverges at the first time step, and may show a zero pivot. What is happening? What can be done?
When the MST technique is used in a closed domain, on the boundaries of which normal velocity components are imposed, care has to be taken for the pressure. The fluid is incompressible and the pressure level is then defined with respect to an additive constant. The option "assign the pressure" allows to set the pressure value at a selected point, which must be in a region that is never overlapped by the solid body.
It is important to remind that, for being allowed to assign the pressure level, normal velocity component at least must be imposed on all boundaries.

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