FLUENT 6 - Including the hydrostatic (gravity) contribution to static pressure

The hydrostatic (gravity) contribution does not appear in the static pressure display. This is due to the re-definition of pressure in the momentum equations:

<a target=_blank href="http://www.fluentusers.com/fluent/doc/ori/html/ug/node572.htm#uns-eq6.3.13">http://www.fluentusers.com/fluent/doc/ori/html/ug/node572.htm#uns-eq6.3.13</a>http://www.fluentusers.com/fluent/doc/ori/html/ug/node572.htm#uns-eq6.3.13

How can we display the pressure in a way that includes the hydrostatic contribution?
You can include hydrostatic pressure by explicitly setting the operating density and reference density as follows. Assuming a fluid density of 1000,

1) Activate the Specified Operating Density option and set the operating density to zero. (TUI: define/operating-conditions/specified operating density = 0.0)

2) Set the reference density equal to the fluid density (TUI: report/reference values/density = fluid density (1000)

3) Reconverge the solution (TUI: solve/iterate)

4) Plot the pressure contours

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