POLYFLOW - How to define a mixing task when adaptive meshing is used?

When adaptive meshing is invoked for a simulation involving a MST, it is not possible to define a mixing task. Indeed, under those circumstances, the mesh becomes non-conformal, while the topology changes. Also, this limitation is also reported in example 65 of te manuals.
What can be done for circumventing the present limitation?
There is possible workaround for this, although success is not yet fully guaranteed...
Several actions need to be successively taken for enabling this.
First of all, when creating the flow simulation, the user should also ask for CSV output files as well as POLYFLOW output result files at each step.
Once the simulation is performed, all these CSV files must be converted, while having asked that the entire domain be remeshed according to the previously selected criteria (the appropriate level of refinement has to be specified). This should create a mesh and a result file (on a uniform and dense grid) at every time step.
Subsequently, the mixing task can be launched.

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