POLYFLOW - Error in stack storage allocation package; error in DPGETB; error messages: "Malloc failed", "not enough swap space".

Error detected in stack storage allocation package (actual numbers may differ)
Current static allocation : 0.844E-02 Mbytes
Current dynamic allocation : 0.109E+04 Mbytes
Maximum of allocation : 0.109E+04 Mbytes
*** ERROR *** in *DPGETB*
Malloc failed.
Probable cause: not enough swap space currently available.

On a 32 bits machine, the (theoretically) addressable space is at most 2G. Practically, it is less than that, and it may depend on the individual configuration of the computer as well as on the currently running applications.
Running on a 64 bit machine may help for circumventing the trouble; but reducing the mesh discretisation can also help.
Running the software with a lower decomposition can sometimes help. This can be specified as an option in POLYMAN, or as an option of the command line, typically as: polyflow -opt N < data_file > listing , where N is an integer power of 2.

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