POLYFLOW - trouble with the license on HPUX Itanium: error message "A valid license could not be checkedout." or "Polyflow not licensed"

When running POLYFLOW on a multiproc HPUX Itanium machine, the calculation is interrupted and the listing reports
"Intern in CREPRO - Polyflow not licensed."
as well as
" A valid license could not be checkedout. "
Also, the log file of the license reports lines such as
11:17:35 (FluentLm) OUT: "polyflow" user@company.com
11:17:35 (FluentLm) OUT: "fluentall" user@company.com
11:17:35 (FluentLm) DENIED: "polyflow" user@company.com (Licensed number of users already reached (-4,342))
What is happening?
So far, the truoble has been observed on HPUX Itanium machines with two processors or more, while the POLYFLOW license contains only one token. Actually, the computer will consider default values for environment variables such that a parallel calculation will be attempted, while the current license of the user will not allow for this..
The remedy consists of explicitly assigning two environment variables as follows:
before running POLYFLOW.

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