FLUENT 6 - Patching temperature in a shell zone in batch mode

There is no TUI command for patching temperaute in a shell conduction zone. If we are running the case in batch mode and want to patch temperature in a shell zone, we can use the following scheme file.
;;There is no TUI command to patch temperature in a Shell conduction zone.
;;The Scheme file listed below provide the user with the possibility of Patching temperature in a shell zone.

;;;; 1) File>Read>Scheme .. this file (shell_patch.scm)
;;;; or
;;;; (load "shell_temp_patch.scm")
;;;; 2) (%create-all-shells)
;;;; to make sure that shellcells are already created.
;;;; 3) Then, the patch tool can be accessed in a journal
;;;; or in another Scheme tool through the command:
;;;; (shell-temp-patch (list-of-zone-names) desired-value)
;;;; Examples of valid constructions for list-of-zone-names:
;;;; (shell-temp-patch (list 'wall-int 'wall) 423)
;;;; You can use this command as many times if you want to patch different temperatures
;;; in different shell zones.

(define cb-patch
(let ((patch-var-list))
(set! patch-var-list (%inquire-patch-variable-names 1))
(assq 'temperature patch-var-list)))

(define (shell-temp-patch list-wallzone-names temp-value)
(let( (list-wallzone-ids)(shell-zone-list))

(set! list-wallzone-ids (map thread-name->id list-wallzone-names))
;(pp list-wallzone-ids)

(set! shell-zone-list
(%shell-threads-to-patch list-wallzone-ids))
;(pp shell-zone-list)

(patch (list (list-ref cb-patch 2) (list-ref cb-patch 3) 1 shell-zone-list () temp-value))

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