FLUENT - Display of partition line or surface traces in parallel

When displaying grid in parallel fluent, "traces" of the partition lines or surfaces are shown by default on the outline of the grid. This happens when edges are selected for display in the grid display panel. The Partition toggle in the grid display panel does not address these "traces".

This can cause less than ideal postprocessing pictures in some circumstances, when it is necessary to show the grid, for example to outline a 3d model.
A workaround is to display grid faces and not grid edges, when composing a screen for postprocessing, and then visit display/scene, and set transparency on grid faces objects (to say 70-80%). This way the "traces" of the partition surfaces will not appear, but transparent grid faces will still show the model outline.

Also, if you want to show just grid outline, you can use tui to type: display/grid-outline without showing partition "traces".

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