POLYFLOW - can we use more than one species to model coextrusion between more than 2 streams?

A simple case involves four different entries with our different species that should be tracked. Each species is assigned the value 1 at one entry and the value 0 at the three other entries. Only the results of the very first species make sense. The other three species that are solved for do not make sense when looking at the results.
What is happening?
Can one define more than one species?
Yes indeed one can define several species.
The trouble originates from the internal management of boundary conditions: when a vanishing value is assigned, it is "poorly" handled. This is a little defect with an easy workaround, which consists of imposing a non-zero value (e.g. 0.01) instead of 0. This should not make any furhter trouble, neither subsequently when material properties will depend on the species: the functions can be adjusted accordingly.

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