POLYDATA - imposing the contraint on global displacement only on the upstream part of the free jet?

When running a 3D direct extrusion case for which constraint on global displacement is required, this constraint can no longer be applied on the upstream part of the free jet. In other words, it is necessarily applied to infinite values along the direction of extrusion.
Formally, free jet stabilisation could be imposed on either ]-inf,Z] or [Z,inf[. Only one option is enablesd, and depends on the direction of extrusion as identified by POLYDATA. It is interesting to remind that forces and torque are significant on the early slices of the stabilised region, and not further downstream in the extrudate.
Although the physics of the stabilisation mechanism can be discussed, the current situation does no really hinder the user from exploring varisous situations, such as having a calibrator located near the die exit.

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