Overlapping sources in Icepak

The issue is to how split power #'s in the case of overlapping sources in Icepak.
Overlapping surfaces are additive. In Icepak, if two objects intersect each other, the area/volume of intersection can be owned by a single object. In the case of same type of objects, i.e. sources, whichever has the higher priority #, will take the ownership of the mesh in the common area. Having said that, assume that you have two sources in your model with the following coordinates that are overlapping:
(All dimensions mm)
Source 1: (2W, priority #: 2)
xs 400 xe 500
ys 400 ye 500

Source 2: (5W, priority #: 3)
xs 450 xe 550
ys 450 ye 550

Two sources overlap in the area of xs 450 xe 500, ys 450 ye 500 mm. Since the source2 has a higher priority than that of source1, source2 will take the ownership of the common region (i.e. source 1 will not have any ownership of the mesh in the common area). In this case, Source 2 will be fully meshed and the power dissipation will be 5W, and Source 1 still dissipates 2W but solely in its meshed area (i.e. subjected to higher heat dissipation per unit area or higher heat flux).

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