What factors affect the modeling at high altitude and how to incorporate these in an Icepak Model?

Air properties as well as fan performance change with altitudes. In order to take these changes into effect users need to modify the air properties and correct the fan curve. The fan curve is usually available at sea level condition. Here are the steps necessary to include the altitude effects for an Icepak model

1. Replace default air density by the appropriate density.

2. Flow regime might change:
Make the necessary changes in the flow field (i.e. potentially
laminar flow areas, use fluid blocks)

3. Modify fan curve: multiply pressure drop by the density ratio
(high altitude density / sea level density), for standard fan.
Account for changes in the rotational speed of the fan (if any).

4. Use proper temperature for the ambient air (if required).

5. Use proper operating pressure (for simulations with
ideal gas assumptions).

For details information please see the attached Resolution Document.

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